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Nestled in an ancient forest in Finnish Lapland, our remote and cozy retreat is the perfect escape from the fast pace of everyday life. We offer authentic experiences for the mind, body, and soul, fostering a deep connection with nature. Our forest cabins are an ideal spot to view the Northern Lights. 

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Arriving at Sixty Eight North feels like coming home to a place you always imagined possible. 

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Every detail is considered. We focus on the essential, creating an experience of elevated simplicity that allows our guests to find the stillness they seek. Skylights allow natural light during the day, and witnessing the northern lights during the night, from the comfort of your bed.

Your cabin is designed to make you feel at home, offering all you need to connect with the magic of the forest that surrounds you.

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Our Arctic forest Sauna and wood-fired Hot Tub are designed to awaken all your senses to nature, allowing you to discover the magic of being fully present in the moment.

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Within the retreat and alongside our local community, we offer 'first in a lifetime experiences' encouraging you to cultivate a deeper connection with the wilderness, in the most authentic way.

From guided forest meditations to snowshoeing in the wilderness, we design your stay to connect you deeply with  Lapland’s serene wilderness. Each activity, whether with us, or arranged through our local partners, aligns with our ethos of simplicity, peace, and environmental respect, enriching your journey towards tranquility and self-discovery.

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Quiet storytelling

Sixty Eight North is a place where stories unfold. We tell tales of local nature, tradition and culture, history of the land and stories of local communities. Every corner at Sixty Eight North has it's own story waiting to be told.

We invite you to take part in our personal stories and understand our connection to the north, sparking imagination and inspiration for your own journey of connection to this wild land and all its beauty.

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"When you open all your senses to nature, you will find that special magic of being truly present in the moment. Sixty Eight North is like a sanctuary in the wild"